A Deck of Tells

A Deck of Tells


🎨 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

In games of poker, a "tell" is a way that someone's body language gives away the fact that they have a good (or a bad) deck of cards. This deck of cards that you're creating is your own set of ideas about how to express emotions through body language.

Grab a stack of index cards. Write one emotion on five cards, such as jealousy. On the flip side of each card, write a way that body language might give that emotion away. Look for opportunities to include body language that could be made specific in particular situations. So, instead of "glaring" as an indication of jealousy, maybe "picking up an object that belongs to the person they're jealous of, and passing that object from hand to hand."

By creating five cards, you'll have a variety of ways to show each emotion you decide to include in your deck of tells. By choosing body language that can be made specific in a situation, you can use the same tell, such as picking up an object, more than once, while still making it feel unique each time. Feel free to make sets of five for multiple emotions if you get inspired.