Learn More: Drafting Workshop

Learn More: Drafting Workshop


In the Drafting Workshop, you'll join a group of creative writers who are committed and passionate about their writing, just like you. The Drafting Workshop is the heart of Society of Young Inklings, our online writer's community, facilitated by Inklings mentors and Youth Advisory Board counselors. Whether you're working on a major project, such as a novel, or completing shorter creative challenges, if you're drafting your way onward and you want to take part more fully in our Society, the Drafting Workshop is for you! There are two options for participation in the Drafting Workshop. Drafting Workshop Community Member: $25 monthly As a DW Community Member, join us for live online activity sessions and author interviews, access past interviews and activities, take on writing challenges, collaborate with creative peers, and customize your experience based on your own schedule and what works best for you. Drafting Workshop Mentorship: $100 monthly Enjoy all of the benefits of being a Community Member, and also connect with a mentor for a 45-minute one-on-one session once a month. You'll be able to plan on a regular day and time, for instance the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 pm (PT) every month. Your mentor will support you as you set goals, track progress, and apply the concepts we're exploring in the Drafting Workshop to your project specifically. If you want mentor guidance and personalized feedback on your work and progress, the mentorship level of the Drafting Workshop may be the just-right fit for you. PS: Many of our students who are involved in other Inklings programs such as courses or one-on-one mentorships are also part of the Drafting Workshop. In those cases, participating at the DW Community Member level is the way to go. Think of the Drafting Workshop as our Inklings cozy common room, complete with a giant fireplace and comfortable writing chairs, where we gather, collaborate, and grow together.

What project might YOU finish?



W H A T D O O T H E R S T H I N K ? “The Drafting Workshop is fun because you get to work together and you get to connect with a counselor. I liked the 'What’s the Worst Thing that Could Happen?' Challenge. I opened up the discussion and saw what other people thought, and I could grab a bit of one and a bit of another, and add my own ideas until I found something for my own story that I could use. It was also helpful to set a goal and milestones.” - Victoria, 9 years old “Before I started the Drafting Workshop, when I sat down to write, I often had a hard time knowing where to start. When I joined, the challenges helped me find a structure for my writing. Now, I have new goals to accomplish when I sit down to write.” - Ainsley, 14 years old “For a long time I’d been wanting to write more. The Drafting Workshop community encouraged me to stick with my writing.” - Selby, 10 years old


W H O I S T H E D W F O R ? Creative youth who want to write more, stretch their writing skills, and connect with peers who also love playing with words and shaping stories.


W H E N I S T H E D W ? Two answers: 1. All the time! Your resources, replays, and conversations are all available to you whenever you have time to pop in for a few minutes. 2. We offer live sessions three times a week—all covering the same material— so you can choose one that works best for you. ⇢ Tues. 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET ⇢ Wed. 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET ⇢ Thurs. 4:15 pm PT / 7:15 pm ET 👉🏼 Our author interviews are held live on the 2nd Thursday of each month. If you'd like to interact in real time with our authors, save those dates if you can! We offer a live session to replay the interview on the following Tuesday and Wednesday.


Each Week:

Our live sessions offer activities, author interviews, and feedback opportunities. Writers may attend more than one session per week, but we cover the same basic material in all three.

Each Month:

Our monthly topic focuses our conversation and writing challenges through the month. Drafting Workshop Mentorship students will also check in with their mentors to track their progress toward their goals. ✨ Anytime! Writers can pop into the DW to ask or answer a question on our discussion boards, watch a session replay, or take on a writing challenge to stretch their thinking in new directions.

What's the tuition?

Tuition is $25 monthly for Drafting Workshop Community Members, and $100 monthly for Drafting Workshop Mentorship students. Both programs are subscription programs paid monthly.

When can I join the DW?

We specifically invite new groups of writers into the DW in January, April, June, and September, and provide additional orientation in those months. However, enrollment is open throughout the year, and we have a step-by-step welcome page to show writers how to engage with our community.

How does scheduling my mentorship work?

After you enroll for the Drafting Workshop Mentorship, you'll be able to choose one of the available time slots for a monthly mentorship appointment. We do our best to offer a variety of time slots for mentorships, but if we are ultimately not able to accommodate your schedule, we will refund your tuition and/or transfer you into DW Community Membership.

Can I start and stop at any time?

Your enrollment is month-to-month, but we strongly encourage writers to think of the DW as a fall, winter/spring, and/or summer commitment. You'll make much more progress toward your goals, and connect more fully with fellow writers if you take part for at least a few months. You get out of the community what you put into it!

Do I actually type my story inside the DW?

Nope! The DW is filled with resources and support, but you'll write in whatever program (or journal) you prefer.

Does the DW add a lot of screen time to my life?

Our hope is that the DW can be a portal for you, one that is a collaborative connection point. Connect for a bit, and then head back to your creative projects. Wherever we can, we send you out into your real world to gather sensory and interpersonal experiences to weave into your writing.

Can I get feedback in the DW?

Yes! There are a variety of feedback opportunities, including live feedback sessions. If you're looking for a lot of personal feedback, we strongly encourage you to consider the Drafting Workshop Mentorship, which is set up to help personalize the program specifically to your goals and needs. Remember, too, that you can sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly mentorship and add on the Drafting Workshop Community Member registration for only $25 extra per month. For some writers, that set up is the best of both worlds, offering you the peer collaboration and community aspects of the Drafting Workshop as well as the more frequent personalized mentorship sessions focused on you and your work.

Should I enroll in a one-on-one mentorship or in a Drafting Workshop Mentorship?

If you want weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with focused support and guidance, plus someone to read your work and help you ideate, problem-solve, and revise, a one-on-one mentorship will best fit your needs. If you want light mentor support, plus peer collaboration on your own schedule, opportunities to meet authors, and ongoing connection to a writerly community, the Drafting Workshop Mentorship may be just the program for you.

If you need support making a one-on-one versus Drafting Workshop decision, feel free to schedule a mentorship discussion with Executive Director, Naomi Kinsman at this link.

Do you offer scholarships for these programs?

We do!

We are a nonprofit and an important part of our mission is to celebrate the full, vibrant diversity of youth writers’ voices and stories.

To apply for a scholarship, visit this link. To donate in support of scholarships, visit this link.