How to Choose an Idea

How to Choose an Idea

How do you get the big ideas out of your head and onto paper?

In this mini-lesson we’ll play a game to shake out the ideas in your head so you can put them on paper. One of the ways we choose a meaningful idea is to write about a problem that matters to us. We think this game will help you identify some of the ideas that really matter to you, which will help you write your next story or poem.

You’ll come away from this activity with fresh inspiration for your Inklings Book Contest submission or your creative writing in general.

✍🏼 Ready to write?

Use the interactive tool below or download the PDF 👉🏼 to complete the activity.

↓Here's that PDF:

Download this PDF by clicking on the below link:

Big Ideas Giveaway.pdf78.5KB

W A N T M O R E ?

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