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+Author Interview: Rachel Craft Wednesday, December 7, 5:00 pm (PT)/8:00 pm (ET)

+Spilling Ink- Fantasy World Building: What Makes It Onto the Page? Monday, December 12, 4:00 pm (PT)/7:00 pm (ET)

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December 2022:Fantasy World Building: What Makes it Onto the Page?

Our theme for December is Fantasy World Building: What Makes it Onto the Page?“ When you build an entirely new world, how might you weave those details into the story in a way that makes the plot even more exciting, rather than slowing the story down?


In your journal, try one or more of these writing dares:

  • Create a fantastical recipe complete with ingredients and instructions. You might start with a recipe from our world, and alter a few ingredients to add magic or surprise. Following the instructions might require that the chef or baker uses magic in some way. Notice how making a connection to what feels familiar, and then adding imaginative elements makes your idea seem even more real.
  • Imagine yourself walking through an open air market in a world that has at list a hint of magic in it. What food, artwork, or supplies might vendors be selling? What would the market sound, smell, and feel like? Either sketch and label a map of the market, or write a descriptive scene to describe how this place feels. (Remember, you can write a scene simply to explore an idea. You don't have to use the scene in your eventual story unless you want to!)
  • Create a poem about the beginning of a world. Was the beginning quiet and gradual, explosive and chaotic, or otherwise? Who was there in the beginning, and how did life continue to come to be?

You can share your ideas for prompts related to our theme, and check out prompts from your fellow Inklings at this link.

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