Inklings Membership

Inklings Membership


For all of our live sessions, we use the same Zoom link:



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Visit our Common Room to share book recommendations, ask questions, and connect with other Inklings and your membership mentors.

Visit our Studio to play writing games that will help you develop characters, build story worlds, develop plots, and more.

Visit our Workshop to build writing skills and to develop sparks of ideas into something that can work in your next writing piece.

Visit our Library to be inspired, and to learn from published authors about how to tackle various writing challenges.


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Writerly Supply Shop

✨ Writerly Supply Shop

🤔 Wait, how do I earn points again?

Earn points by:

  • Join us for live sessions or watch the recorded replays
  • Take on a weekly writing challenge
  • Set a goal for word count or minutes spent writing and track your progress

Want to tally your points as you go? Here's a handy tally sheet to download and use each month:

Drafting Workshop Tally Sheet.pdf86.4KB

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