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+Spilling Ink Live Event: Communicating Powerful Messages Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 4:00 pm (PT)/7:00 pm (ET)

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+Spilling Ink Live Event: Building Suspense Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 4:00 pm (PT)/7:00 pm (ET)

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September 2023 Communicating Powerful Messages

Our theme for September is Communicating Powerful Messages

Do you have something to say? Is there something that you truly wish to convey through your writing to an audience? Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it before. What you may be well aware of by now is that writing can be a very powerful tool for giving voice to your own ideas, interests, and dreams.

However, getting powerful messages across to your audience is not always easy, but I can tell you that it all begins with finding your truth. Here are some dares to get you started! So get out your trusty Writer’s Journal and dig in.


In your journal, try one or more of these writing dares:

  • β€œBe a Truth-Teller”: How does personal identity shape who we are and how we see the world? What are some important aspects of your identity? Consider that you have the chance to tell your readers who you really are on the inside flap of your very first published work. What if the more truthful you were made it possible for more readers to pick up your book? What would you say?
  • β€œWhat Gets Left Behind”: Do you believe it is important to be remembered or to leave a legacy behind? Why or why not?
    1. Consider those who have made a real impact on you and your expression - artists, family members, writers, athletes, leaders, athletes, to name a few. What is it about them that has really left an impression on you? If you could communicate your gratitude to them and share what it is they said or did that affected you, what would you tell them? Write about it in the form of a sincere letter.
    2. OR Think about what kind of a legacy you would love to leave behind. What aspects of who you are do you want to be remembered for? What impact would you like to have made on the world, no matter how small? Write about it in the form of a sincere letter from the perspective of an admirer, fan, friend, or family member.
  • β€œThe Secret Manifesto Found!” What is your personal manifesto? In other words, what are the core principles and values that guide everything you do in your life? Imagine that you have written your manifesto and buried it somewhere to be found sometime in the years to come by people who would appreciate and value what you have to say about how to live life to the fullest and what your guiding principles are.
  • Perhaps it helps to envision a tattered and worn text that has been unearthed one day by some kids (the very age that you are right now). What would it say? Whatever it is, let it feel true and come from within you.

    Happy Writing!

You can share your ideas for prompts related to our theme, and check out prompts from your fellow Inklings at this link.

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