Diversifying Your Creativity, Expanding Your Audience

Diversifying Your Creativity, Expanding Your Audience


🎲 Topic: Diversifying Your Creativity, Expanding Your Audience

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, for our live Spilling Ink Event: “Diversifying Your Creativity, Expanding Your Audience”. We discussed how diversification can lead to gaining more perspective, which will lead to a greater audience.

The more we read, the better our understanding of how to write our own stories becomes. The more we write, the better we get at communicating our stories to an audience. And the more we expand our horizons, the broader our knowledge of the world and the more our perspective opens for how to reach our readers.

By diversifying your experiences in our reading, our writing will also develop in a way that more readers can and will want to relate to. It takes practice and a willingness to grow. So let’s practice! Here are three writing dares that challenge you to write stories in three different genre styles. Try them out and you may surprise yourself in how you approach each one differently. Keep in mind that there is a different audience for each genre, so try your best to write for those particular readers.

Give it a shot and, if you feel that a prompt is outside of your comfort zone, remember that the mission is to grow and expand who you are as a writer.

If you missed the live session, catch the replay here!