Letter in a Bottle

Letter in a Bottle


🎨 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Letters have been put into bottles for a number of reasons throughout history, but often the reason for writing the letter is to communicate with someone far away.

In some cases, the letter might say, "If you find this, write back and tell me where you found it," or "I'm Sara, who are you?"

In other cases, people might write letters and put them into bottles because they have something they must say—to someone specific, or sometimes just to anyone who might find the letter—because an emotion or a secret or an apology is pressing on their hearts and they must express it somehow, anyhow.

Choose a character from your story who has something that needs to be expressed, maybe something they're not sure who to tell, or something they aren't quite sure how to put into words. Step into their shoes and write that thought out in letter form, roll it up, and slip it in a bottle. Snap a photo of the bottle and keep it with your writing material, or even keep the bottle for a while if it sparks your imagination and urges you onward in your writing project.