Best Day vs. Worst Day Collage

Best Day vs. Worst Day Collage


🎨 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

  1. Draw a line down the middle of a page.
  2. Flip through an old magazine, or do a quick image search online to find images that represent an amazing day for your character—their favorite colors, items, activities—and a worst day—the things they fear, places they'd despise going, their least favorite weather, meal, situation.
  3. Paste images to represent your character's best day on one side of the line and worst on the other. See if you can find anything you didn't know about your character, or consider how they might express their feelings about best case and worst case scenarios. Are there people they'd be happy to share this collage with? Maybe others who they'd never show it to?

You can view this challenge through a humorous lens if you like, thinking about the kinds of "worst" that might later make your character laugh, but which would be miserable to experience at the time. Or, if you want to dig into your character's deeper emotional side, you can think about their true fears—phobias possibly, but also worries over being embarrassed, not fitting in, etc.