One Scene, Two Ways

One Scene, Two Ways


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Experiment with writing one scene in two different ways. You might try:

  • Setting the scene in two different locations
  • Using a twist in one scene
  • Making one scene an exaggerated version of the other
  • Telling the scene from two different characters' perspectives

Or vary your two scenes in whatever way that you prefer.

W H Y ? ?

Isn't writing a scene once ENOUGH??

Well, yes, but consider this writing challenge an experiment. This month, we're exploring ways to create memorable scenes. By trying one scene in two ways, you might start to develop a theory about what makes a scene memorable, for you.

Maybe you enjoy scenes that are particularly funny. Or, maybe you prefer scenes that are tense and full of twists and turns. When we meet for our kick-off session, we'll discuss our theories on what makes a scene memorable, and see how we can inspire one another to take our scenes to the next level.