Easy Peasy?

Easy Peasy?


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

We usually pick obstacles that are difficult for our characters to resolve. But for this challenge, try writing a scene with an obstacle that should be a breeze for your character to deal with…or is it?

Start by brainstorming things that your character is good at. Are they extroverted and friendly? Are they the fastest runner in school?

Now, throw them into a scene that ‘should’ go well for them. The extrovert gets stuck in a crowded elevator. The fast runner is challenged to an impromptu race.

Next, come up with one or more reasons why this particular scene doesn’t go so well for your character. Have fun with it! Be as wacky as you like! No one on the elevator speaks English. Or, everyone on the elevator refuses to talk to the extrovert and they don’t know why. (Maybe they suspect your character of breaking the elevator?) A large puppy starts running with the runner, almost tripping them with each step. Or, the runner gets up to run, only to realize they have the worst case of pins and needles ever!

Finally, write the scene.