Bits and Bobs Floor Plan

Bits and Bobs Floor Plan


🎨 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

First, choose a "bits and bobs" store that might exist in the world of your story. It could be an antique store, a general store, or an odds and ends quirky kind of place. The ideal store is the kind where you might stumble across an oddity that exists in the world of your story, but is still rare.

Then, sketch and label a floor plan for your store. Imagine where the shelves might be, where other displays might be, and how the objects might be organized and arranged. Let yourself imagine the entire experience from the front door through the assortment, and all the way up to the cash register.

If you get inspired, consider writing a scene set in the store. Who is the clerk? What items draw your character in? What else might you learn about the world of your story, your character, or possible plot threads from what exists in this store?