Story Dice-Your Handy Story Idea Generator

Story Dice-Your Handy Story Idea Generator

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This game was designed by Dave Birss to help boost creative skills.

How to use story dice

As you can see above, you get nine dice, each with a random image on it. Your job is quite simply to turn these prompts into a story.

I recommend you try to work with the order they appear on the screen but if you’re finding it tough, you swap them around.

You also don’t need to take the image literally. You can use them metaphorically.

For example, a slice of pizza could represent food in general, cutting a slice out of something, Italy, gooiness, a chef, and a heap of other more obscure things. The job of the dice is not necessarily to provide you with literal objects to work with but concepts to nudge your thinking in fresh directions.

You may just want to dive in as soon as you see them, working from left to right as you try to incorporate each image into your yarn. Or you may want to be more strategic and work out the ending first, using the dice to work out how you’re going to get to your big climax. Try different strategies to see what works best for you.