Collaborate with a Hero

Collaborate with a Hero


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

What if you could sit down with your favorite author and have a conversation about your current project? For me, that author would be Madeleine L'Engle.

For this writing challenge, create an imagined conversation with your favorite author.

  1. Start with a simple question from them, such as "How's your story coming along?"
  2. When you answer, try to say more than, "Good." Imagine how you might elaborate a bit to explain what, specifically, is good. Or, if you're feeling brave, share something that's also been a challenge.
  3. Then, step back into your hero-author's shoes and use at least some of the words you wrote in the question they ask in return. Maybe they'll ask, "So, you love how funny the fairground scene is. How did you come up with the idea?"
  4. As you continue, see if you can bring some words into the conversation you have a feeling your hero-author might say. Maybe you've seen a quote this writer has shared about the writing process, or you have a hunch they might particularly like a specific kind of magic or character. Let them say so—remember, it's an imagined conversation!

Ultimately, the idea here is to tap into some ideas and insight you might have already because you've soaked up this hero-author's writing. You never know what new perspective or discovery you might make!