At the Last Minute

At the Last Minute


🎨 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Try some creative problem-solving:

  1. Find two paperclips, two pennies, a piece of paper, a pen, and some tape in your house.
  2. Imagine that you had to create a product to sell, using only these items. If you want, imagine the reason why. Maybe this afternoon, your closet turned into a magical portal and you've stumbled into a fantastical world without funds or food, and you only have these few objects in the bottom of your backpack to rely on. (Thankfully, you happened to be carrying your backpack when you fell through the portal.)
  3. Create a prototype of your product and show it to a friend or family member. Discuss what you made and why.

Consider how you might apply this kind of resourcefulness to your story.

Often, our characters find themselves in last-minute kinds of situations. It can be fun to give them very few resources with which to solve their problem, and see what solutions they may find. Is there a scene in your story in which you can allow your character to surprise themselves, your reader, and maybe even YOU with their creative solution that comes through in the very last minute?