A Sensory Scene

A Sensory Scene


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Choose a sense other than sight. Consider the strongest emotion in the scene you're about to write. Is it happiness, disappointment, fury? Whatever that emotion is, see if you can describe your character's experience of it, narrowing in on a specific sensory detail or two.

  • Maybe it's the way the frothy cotton candy turns to tasteless sand, grinding between their teeth and threatening to choke them as they try to swallow it down. Can that really be their best friend that they've just spotted, laughing with the one person you both promised you'd never forgive?
  • Maybe it's the thrill in their stomach as they rise up, up, up on the ferris wheel and find themselves on top—floating at the top of the amusement park and on top of their world as they try to absorb the news that they've just been cast as the lead in the musical.

How can you use a specific sensory detail or two to amplify the emotion in your scene?