Spilling Ink Activity Session

Spilling Ink Activity Session


🎲 “The Sound of A Story”

Join us on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 4:00 pm (PT)/7:00 pm (ET), for our live Spilling Ink Event: “The Sound of A Story”.

The stories we read can captivate us through the written word and also visually through illustrations. But what about sound? How can sound play a role in the way we write or in the way we represent a story to our audience? And if, in the absence of illustrations, we must use imagery as our literary tool for inspiring our readers to see the story, how can we also help them to hear the story? Furthermore, it might be interesting to consider how sound or music can also be a part of our creative process.

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Can't attend the session live?

Not to worry! We'll post the replay here and in our discussion area so that you can watch and join the ongoing conversation.