A Sensory Experience

A Sensory Experience


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Choose a memory of an experience that included both a strong emotion and a lot of sensory detail. Maybe you remember a hike at a mountain lake, a walk along the beach, or even a visit to a big city.

Consider the emotion you felt in that particular setting. Maybe you felt a strong emotion because of what happened, because of who was there with you, or because of the setting itself.

Write a short scene that focuses particularly on the sensory details of your experience. See how you can show your emotion through the specifics that you notice and how you describe those sensory details. You can also show emotion through action and interaction with the other characters.

After you write the scene, consider how you might use this memory further in your writing. Might you use a similar setting for a scene in a novel? Might you create a similar scenario, or one inspired by these circumstances?