✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

A haiku is a poem that has five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Here's an example:

“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Bashō

An old silent pond

A frog jumps into the pond—

Splash! Silence again.

Try writing a haiku on one of these topics. If you're feeling inspired, try more than one option!

  1. A haiku that expresses what an upcoming scene is about.
  2. A haiku that encapsulates a character
  3. A haiku that expresses how it feels to be in creative flow
  4. A haiku about solving creative problems
  5. A haiku about the problem in your plot

Did you gain any new insight by boiling down your thought into such a concise shape?