A Gift Exchange

A Gift Exchange


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

Imagine possibilities for the following scenerio, and draft a short scene to bring your favorite option to life.

What if two characters in your work-in-progress exchanged gifts?

  • Would they buy gifts, make gifts, or would they each handle it differently?
  • What would they give, and why?
  • How would the other character receive the gift?
  • If there's a mismatch in what was given and what was received, how would the characters react?

For extra fun, consider trying a mind-stretching scene that might never happen logically in the plot of your story.

  • What if two characters who don't enjoy one another had to give gifts as part of a holiday exchange?
  • What if a character who would never dare give another a gift dared to do it anyway? What if totally out of the blue, the other character returned the favor?

Remember, as with all writing and creative challenges, the purpose of this activity is not to create a scene that WILL go into your book. Instead, you're getting to know your characters. Maybe some version of what you create will fit in your story ... or maybe not. That's up to you!