The Journey and The Destination

The Journey and The Destination


🎲 Topic: The Journey and The Destination

Join us on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 4:00 pm (PT)/7:00 pm (ET), for our live Spilling Ink Event: “The Journey and The Destination”. We will discuss how both the journey and the destination are essential for our readers and they are complementary of each other.

As we near the end of 2023, it seems appropriate to consider this conclusion to the year, as much as it does to wonder how we got here.

As storytellers, both the journey (the details along the way/how a story unfolds) and the destination (what transpires in the end) are essential for our readers. One is not necessarily always more important than the other. They kind of hold hands in order to complete a story.

For songwriters, some start the creative process with the lyrics and build in the tune afterward, while others do the opposite - beginning with the tune and then letting the lyrics come next.

When you think of the destination or conclusion, how do you get there? Does it materialize as you build the story? Or do you start with the conclusion and do a backward design to decide how you got there? How can the conclusion inform the beginning? How can the details of the journey lead your reader to the end without divulging too many of the details or by artfully including misleading “twists”? The relationship between the journey and the destination is definitely a game, but certainly a playful one. So, let’s play!

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