A Big Mistake

A Big Mistake


✍🏼 Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept it ...

What's the worst choice your character could make next?

Maybe you're asking this question of your main character, or of your antagonist.

Maybe you're wondering about the worst choice your character's best friend might make.

As an experiment, let that character make that worst-possible decision and see where the scene takes you. While you're writing, try not to worry about how you'll make the scene work with your overall idea. Often, our characters know more than we do! As we're writing, sometimes the characters find a way forward even when it feels like they're in an impossible dead end.

Remember, this scene is an experiment, so if in the end it doesn't work for your story, you haven't lost anything at all! You can take anything you learned about your characters, maybe even the knowledge that they wouldn't make this worst-possible choice (and why!) and use it as helpful information as you continue to draft onward.