Ready ...
Ready ...

Ready ...

🙆🏽‍♀️ Start by Limbering Up:

Why Limber Up?

Before you begin a challenging exercise session, a quick stretch can give you a leg up. Before you challenge your mind to think quickly, a quick mental stretch is in order.

We're going to play a game of Choices to kick off our creative thinking. We recommend you stand up to play this game.

Ready to get started?

✍🏼 Then, Do the Work:

Well done!

Now that you've made a choice between your two ideas, and have a glimmer of a character idea, let's build on what you've got.

Remember, a Story Sprint flies by, especially if you're completing it in a few hours. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your quick-decision skills in a low-stakes situation. If you don't love your story in the end, no doubt you'll at least have a couple interesting ideas to take away, plus a burst of confidence that comes from knowing you CAN complete a story in a very short amount of time.

You've got this!

💦 Don't forget to cool down:

You've developed all of that energy and come up with a bunch of ideas...

Let's capture them on the page so that you can build on that as you continue. Before you move on, note a few details about your detective and criminal on your character profile pages.

👈🏼 I'll walk you through the steps here.