Cross the Finish Line
Cross the Finish Line

Cross the Finish Line

🚩 Quick Start: Choose Your Revision

Why Revise?

Whether you've spent three hours or six weeks writing your mystery, you want the final product to be the best it can be. Take a few extra minutes to polish up one aspect of your story, or do a revision deep-dive and try all three. Remember, revision isn't about finding mistakes. Especially when you draft quickly, you aren't thinking about the best possible word or the pacing of your punctuation. Now's your chance to keep all that spontaneous, energetic writing you have on the page and level it up by "seeing it again" through revision.

The Quick Start video will help you make the best possible choice of how to approach the revision process.

✂️ Choose a Revision:

Click on the toggle to reveal the video for each revision.

Character Revision

Story Logic Revision


🎉 You did it!

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