👟 Sprint One:

Time to sharpen that pencil—or flex your typing fingers.

Now that you've practiced a sprint, you have a better idea of what size of scene you can finish in a short amount of time. It's time to dive in and draft the rest of the beginning—everything that comes right after the first scene and isn't yet the middle.

Let's sprint!

👟 Sprint Two: Draft the Middle

Build on that momentum!

The murky middle? NEVER! You've got this, and with all of that energy you built up in sprint one, I'm positive you'll tear straight into this second one.

Ready, set, go!

👟 Sprint Three: Up Through the Climactic Reveal

It's not called the most exciting part of the plot for nothing!

Have a blast as you build your way to that thrilling peak of your mystery in this sprint. Oh, and the good news? You get a little more time for this one. Check out the video for the details.

👟 Sprint Four: Draft the End

Finish that story in style!

You've solved the mystery, and now all that's left is tying up loose ends. After this, you'll have a chance to do a quick revision. So, for now, set all "maybe I should" thoughts aside and focus on finishing strong as you wrap up your draft.