Set ...
Set ...

Set ...

🙆🏽‍♀️ Yep, Time to Limber Up Again:

Let's shape that idea into a plan.

When it's time to draft, we want to have a lot of the key decisions made. That way, you can just relax, write, and follow your intuition as you sprint your way through.

We have just a few more choices to make before we start sprinting.

Are you set?

✍🏼 Then, Do the Work:

Time to map out your story!

Let's find those exciting moments where your detective discovers significant clues. This is your chance to think creatively and add unexpected twists and turns.

All of this thinking is paying off. Look how far you've already come!

💦 Don't forget to cool down:

It's time to write!

Have you ever tried to write a full scene in ten minutes? This is your chance to give it a shot! You'll learn a lot about what works for you in this exercise, and determine what amount of time will be both motivating and fun for you as you complete your sprints. Remember, you want the time to be short enough that you don't dilly-dally, but long enough that you don't feel stressed.

We're aiming for that excited, fizzy feeling that you might recognize from playing a game that stretches you in all the ways that light you up (and none of the ways that drag you down).

Before you start, think about what tools will help you write fast. It's not cheating to use a dictation tool, to type, to write by hand, or create in any other way that allows you to capture your words as quickly as you think them up.

Let's give it a try!