Chapter One: Exploring Possibilities
Chapter One: Exploring Possibilities

Chapter One: Exploring Possibilities

🙆🏽‍♀️ Start by Limbering Up:

If time allows, move forward right now into the Do the Work and Cool Down videos for Chapter One. The three videos are best experienced as part of one novel-design session.

✍🏼 Then, Do the Work:

Not sure where to start with your brainstorming ideas?

Remember, you can always change your mind later. Try not to judge your ideas right now, just put a bunch out there. Sometimes a silly or seemingly wild idea can lead to a creative break-through.

Set your timer and give it a try. In the Cool Down video, you'll get a chance to sort through and evaluate your ideas. In other words, right now, there's no need to worry about what might feel like a "bad" idea. All ideas have potential, if only to spark new thoughts. So, go for quantity rather than quality.

And have fun!

Notice that slide with the footprints at the very end?

You'll see slides like that here and there through Design a Novel. There's actually one in each chapter, in the Limbering Up, Do the Work, or Cool Down video. When you see it, pause the video and capture the phrase. If you're paying close enough attention to collect them all as you go through the course, you can enter the full quote at the end for bonus points to use in the Writerly Supply Store!

It's a fun way to reward yourself for paying extra close attention, and for making it all the way through the process of designing your novel.

Then what?

Once you've jotted down this first part of the quote, brainstorm away on your Post-its, and when you have a solid collection of ideas, come join me for the Cool Down video.

💦 Don't forget to cool down:

Now that you have a pile of ideas, let's sort them to see what insights we can gain.