Part Two: Crafting Characters
Part Two: Crafting Characters

Part Two: Crafting Characters

What's in Part Two?



  • Inklings Lab: Design a Novel Workbook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Colored pencils (if desired)
  • A stack of Post-its
  • Large piece of paper or flat surface (such as a table or desk)
  • Scratch paper

In Part Two: Crafting Characters, we'll develop our main character, then think about our cast of characters, and finally, consider backstory and conflict, and how those two key elements support the overall character arc.

Use this section now as you're designing your novel, and also feel free to return later on when you're ready to dig deeper into your characters and their motivations. If you've already begun to plan characters for your book, approach these chapters as a way to learn more about your cast, and to answer questions about them that you may not yet have considered. The more you know about your characters' preferences, opinions, experiences, and personalities, the more clearly you'll know what a character might choose in any given situation.

In Part Two, there are three chapters:

Chapter Four: Developing Your Main Character

Chapter Five: Developing Your Cast

Chapter Six: Developing Backstory and Belief